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Department of Tashreehul Badan (Anatomy)

Tashreehul Badan (Anatomy) is a branch of Medicine that studies the structure and function of human body. This branch of medicine specializes in research and practice of histology tissue processing cadaveric dissection, museum, specimen preparation, cytogenetic and cultivation of tissue cultures.

The department train’s the students in all branches of Human Anatomy using traditional and innovative methods. The department produces high quality histology Microscopic slides.

The Tashreehul Badan (Anatomy) department teaches all aspects of the morphological sciences. Tashreehul Badan (Anatomy) department contributes to premedical and preclinical programs and also takes part in problem based learning and in clinical teaching by providing expertise in multidisciplinary seminars.

Department Of Munafeul Aza (Physiology)

The department of Munafeul Aza (Human Physiology) is providing teaching and training in the subject of human physiology to Unani Medical Students. The department is continuously striving for improvement in the standard of teaching and training, adopting betting methodology, developing students oriented cum need based curriculum and evolving holistic and comprehensive evaluation method to help students develop critical thinking and balance approach toward health and disease, the department is not only trying to hard providing a breadth and depth of knowledge in the area of physiology of a fine academic standards but simultaneously alloying the students to have and insight into the fundamental principle of Unani Physiology of health and disease from many different perspective using modern physiology as a tool.

Department Of Kulliyat (Basic Principles of Unani Medicine)

The department of Kulliyat deals with the most significant discipline of the Unani Medicine having mainly basic philosophies and fundaments of Tib-e-Unani.

It is also related in various areas of Mizaj (Temperaments), Akhlat (Body Fluids), Usoole Ilaj (Principles of Therapeutics) and in applied Kulliyat. It is also related to Tareekh-e-Tib (History of Medicine & Resource Book Studies).

Department Of Tahaffuzi wa Samaji Tib (Preventive and Community Medicine)

In modern it is a prevention and social medicine (PSM) is relatively a new branches of medicine, all these share common ground, i.e. prevention of disease and promotion of health in short Tahaffuzi wa Samaji Tib provide comprehensive health services ranging from preventive, promotive, curative to rehabilitative services, the importance of speciality of Tahaffuzi wa Samaji Tib has been very well recognized and emphasized repeatedly from gross root to international levels, not only in health sector but other related sectors too. Tahaffuzi wa Samaji Tib has to thing and act in terms of whole community if you want to achieve HEALTH FOR ALL. Tahaffuzi wa Samaji Tib will definitely by key factors during the millennium.

The department is covering the subject of Nutrition, Epidemiology, Multidimensional aspects of pollution, environmental studies, communicable and non-communicable disease, Demography, Maternal Health, Family Planning, Neonatal Care and Geriatrics. The related section of the Museum is equipped with all type of health and fitness related sophiscated equipments.

The department also imparting education of Tib-E-Qanooni wa Ilmus Samoom (Forensic Medicine and Toxilogy) which is covering illustrative knowledge on the subject of Forensic anthropology, Modes of death, all sorts of injuries, procedure of postmortem and Toxicology.

Department Of Mahiyatul Amraz (Pathology)

The Seperation of the department the teaching and training of Ilmul Amraz carried out through the department of Kulliyat. It is mandatory requirements of the Central Council of Indian Medicine, New Delhi and the objectives to establish this department in the faculty of Unani Medicine, to develop theoretical and practical skills of Mahiyatul Amraz for UG levels. It will develop confidence in the students to establish their own laboratories and details how a disease develop and how to use classical and modern equipment in the diagnosis of disease with the help of modern technology advancement, it proves a milestone to the Unani System of Medicine imparting quality education and training in the departments.

Department Of Ilmul Advia (Unani Pharmacology)

Department of Ilmul Advia (Pharmacology) was established in 2010. A variety of teaching and learning techniques are employed to impart knowledge and skills to students. The department’s infrastructure is well furnished with all modern facilities. The main objective of establishing the department was to uplift the educational and research standard among the graduates as well as to pave the ground for the availability of the better qualified teachers of Unani Medicine. Department has established a drug museum along with herbarium to house drug and plant specimens. The main motive for the development of drug museum and herbarium is to display various Unani drug samples for teaching and authentication of drug samples.

Department Of Ilmul Saidla (Unani Pharmacy)

Department of Ilmul saidla (Unani Pharmacy) has established in this institute with necessary instruments with latest technologies as well as classical Unani equipments. The Laboratories with provides best available facilities to the students to improve various dosage forms used in Unani Medicines preparation of newer dosage forms, standardization and quality control of finished products. Department is attached with full functioning Pharmacy Unit where several formulations are regularly prepared and dispensed in Hospital.

Department is well equipped with analytical tools and Pharmaceutical machineries like tablet making machine, Distillation apparatus , ph meter, Auto-clave, Humidifier, muffle furnace, hot air oven, Friability leister, water both etc. Since the establishment, department has shown lot of progress.

Department Of Amraz-e-Atfal (Paediatrics)

Paediatrics is a branch of Medical Science in which we deals with the medical care of Newborn infants. Children and adolescents including physical behavior and neonatal health, growth and developmental mile stones and nutritional need.

Goals of Paediatrics – to train the doctor who are competent in the practice of Paediatric emergency medicine and to train the physician in the immediate recognition and treatment of life threatening conditions and illness include medical surgical and Psychiatric emergencies to acquire the knowledge and appropriate skills for optimal dealing with major/minor health problems of children and to ensure their optimal growth, development and immunization schedule to prevent the child from life threatening.

Amraz-e-Jild wa Taziniyat (Skin & Cosmetology)

The department of Amraz-e-Jild wa Zohrawiya (Unani Dermatology and Venereology) teaching for UG Level is carried out through the department of Moalijat (Unani Medicine) which has played a vital role in development of integrated teaching, clinical training and clinical research especially in various fields of Moalijat including Amraz-e-Jild wa Zohrawiya with utmost advancement.

Now Central Council of Indian Medicine, New Delhi has notified in the Gazette Notification, the new name of the department for its further specialization by adding Taziniyat (Unani Cosmetology) in place of Amraz-e-Zohrawiya.

Department also providing health care to the public OPDs and IPDs.

Ilaj Bit Tadbeer (Regimenal Therapy)

Ilaj Bit Tadbeer is the ramification of Unani therapeutics that deals with sustenance of Holistic Health, through no medicaliced classical preventive measure (Six essential factor of life) and its restoration through various time tested regimens & modalities.

Ibne-Sina, an eminent Unani Scholar wrote in his famous book “Cannon of Medicine” that there are almost 36 regimens. Some example of there include: Dalak, Riyazat, Hammam, Fasd, Hijamah and Irsale Alaq etc.

Vision of Ilaj Bit Tadbeer Department

  • To strengthen and promote excellence in education.
  • To develop the department as a higher center for managing life style disorder.

Mission of Ilaj Bit Tadbeer Department

  • To impart learning based quality education of the discipline.
  • To carry out and promote research in different of Ilaj Bit Tadbeer.

Department Of Moalijat (General Medicine)

Department of Moalijat is one of the departments of this college since 2010. The Moalijat department focuses on understanding the health and diseases of the human body with reference to the theories and concepts of unani system of medicines and management of such diseases with its principles of treatment either by Ilaj Bit Ghiza/ Ilaj Bit Dawa/ and Ilaj Bit Tadbeer.

Department of Moalijat  focuses on graduation courses and treatment of Amraz e Jild, Amraz e Nizam Asab, Amraz e Mafasil, Amraz e Nizam e Hazm.

Apart from this the teachers also provide health can to the public by attending OPDs/ IPDs of Hakim Rais Unani Medical College & Hospital in Unani as well as in Modern Medicine.

Department of Ilmul Jarahat (Surgery)

Ilmul Jarahat (Surgery) has been an integral part of Unani Medicine since long. Abul Al Qasim Zuhrawi (Albucasis), an Arab Unani Surgeon and physician, compiled a surgical manuscript entitled ‘Kitab al-Tasrif’. He had given detailed description of various surgical procedures like thyroidectomy, extraction of cataracts, removal of kidney stones, tonsillectomy, craniotomy, caesarean section and dentistry. He has also described more than 200 surgical instruments.

The department was established in 2011 with the objective of giving potent teaching and training to students. Presently, the department is carrying out various surgeries like Haemorrhoidectomy, Lord’s dilatation, fistula-in-ano, pilonidal sinus, Lord’s placation for hyderocele and jaboulay operation, appendecectomy, circumcision, Cholecystectomy, hernia repair, Fibroadenoma of breast, stripping & ligation of varicose vein, Vericocoelectomy, Abscess drainage, cyst removal, Excision of lipomas, Neurofibromas and all other subcutaneous tumors excision and biopsies, Management of Diabetic foot and all other non healing ulcers is being done with full aseptic care and precautions. Total numbers of surgeries performed since the establishment of the department are 357.

Faculties of department are actively engaged in teaching and training activities. This department is imparting high quality teaching and training to the students through class room lectures, live lectures on surgical procedures in OT and ward teaching during patient’s round. OPD, IPD, OT duties are regularly managed. Surgical camps are actively and frequently organized in various localities of sambhal.

Amraz-e-Niswan wa Qabalat (Gynae, Obstetrics & Neonatology)

The department of Ilmul Qabalat wa Amraz-e-Niswan was established in 2011. The main objective of the department is to teach undergraduate students by trained and qualified teachers. The department mainly deals with the health and disease of female reproductive organs and human reproduction according to Unani theories and concepts. Various activities like Seminars, demonstrations and case presentations are organized by department for training and shall development of students.

Department is well equipped with all facilities. There are variety of health care services are provided to female patients for gynaecological and obstetric problems through OPDs and IPDs. Health awareness programs are also held to impart knowledge among patients.

Ain, Uzn, Anaf Halaq wa Asnan (Ophthalmology and Disease of Ear, Nose & Throat)

As per CCIM norms, there is a department of Ain, Uzn, Anaf, Halaq wa Asnan (ENT & Ophthalmology) in the Hakim Rais Unani Medical College, and is a part of B.U.M.S. Course.

This department of our college has a large members of demonstrative instruments, charts, models & operative procedures. Teachers demonstrate them as a practical paper in its prepare practical periods.

Well maintained and airy class room for me purpose of regular theory classes arranged for a full week of working day.

After that our students get medical practice in the department, OPD/IPD, as a practical & exposure to the patients in the selected periods & days.

For public interest in different seasons & community we organize public health awareness programs/Camps with the help & supports of our management body.

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Admissions Open 2022-23 Enquire Now