(Bachelor of Unani Medicine & Surgery)
Kamil-E-Tib-O- Jarahat


The B.U.M.S. course shall be a whole time course of 4 & 1/2 years duration, divided in four examinations, session shall be counted from the first day of the completion of admission and one year compulsory rotatory internship in recognised institution hospital for awarding the degree.

Ist Year    -12 months
2nd Year - 12 months

3rd Year - 12 months

Final Year           - 18 Months
Internship           - 12 Months

Each student shall be required to attend not less than three forth of the lecturers delivered and practicals /demonstrations/clinicals held in each subject during each Professional Course..


The medium of instruction is Urdu substantiated with English wherever necessary..

Course of Studies

(A) Subjects of Ist Professional :
(1) Tashreeh-ul-Badan (Anatomy)
(2) Munafe-ul-Aza (Physiology)
(3) Umoor-e-Tabiya (Principles of Medicine)
(4) Arabic wa Mantiq wa Falsafa

(B) Subjects of IInd Professional 
(1) Kulliyate Advia (Pharmacology)
(2) Mahiyatul Amraz (Pathology)
(3) Tareekh-e -Tib
(4) Hifzane Sehat Tahaffuzi wa Samaji Tib (Preventive & Social Medicine)

(C) Subjects of IIIrd Professional 
(1) Saririyat wa Usoole Ilaj
(2) Ilmul Saidla wa Murakkabat
(3) Amraze Atfal
(4) Ilaj Bit Tadbeer
(5) Communication Skill
(6) Tibbe Qanooni wa Ilmul Samoom

(D)Subject of Final Year
(1) Ilmul Jarahat (Surgery)
(2) Moalijat 1 (Medicine)
(3) Moalijat 2 (Medicine)
(4) Amraze Niswan
(5) Ilmul Qabalat wa Naumaulood
(6) Ain, Uzn, Anaf, Halaq wa Asnan

Degree to be Awarded
(Bachelor of Unani Medicine & Surgery)

The candidates who have passed the final year examination and have completed 12 months rotatory internship in the hospital shall be awarded the degree Kamil-e-tib-o-Jarahat , B.U.M.S. (Bachelor of Unani Medicine and surgery ) by the University.

A. All admissions to B.U.M.S. 1st year shall be done according to guidelines of Govt. of India.

B. Final list of successful candidates will be notified on the college notice board in addition individual intimation will be sent by ordinary post.

C. Selected students who fail to pay off their fees within the stipulated time shall lose opportunity of admission & their seats shall be treated as vacant, and under circumstances shall be filled in by other deserving candidates on waiting list.

D. The institution reserves itself the right to permit or reject admission to any candidate without assigning any cause or reason. A candidate shall not be entitled to claim admission or lodge complaint against, as a matter of right even if he is otherwise eligible.

E. All the candidates of the B.U.M.S. 1st year shall be admitted provisionally.

F. Fee structure & rules referred in the prospectus of the college, being its right reserved, can be amended, altered & added at any time.

G. Any amount received in the college shall not be refunded.

H. Site of Jurisdiction in any dispute will remain Sambhal only.